Gold SIP Sockets, Long Leg


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An excellent addition for those planning to use LEDs on their switches, SIP sockets allow you to solder in the socket instead of the LED, allowing you to remove your LEDs and exchange them for another color LED, or to run without LEDs entirely. A perfect touch for those who change their keycaps and want to change the color of their back lighting to match the theme of each keycap set.

These Gold SIPs feature the extended, or “long leg” soldering pin length. When used with standard (vs. SMD switches) this extra leg length improves ease of soldering, by making up for the length lost when the SIP is placed inside the switch.

When ordering, remember that each LED uses 2 SIP sockets. Due to the size of the product, we weigh out the amount instead of manually counting individual SIP Sockets. We typically will add extra SIPs above the weight, so while you may not get the exact number ordered, this should come out in your favor.

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