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Amtra5 presents a tiny budget 2key macropad powered by the Arduino Pro Micro. This macropad is a strictly switch only, no LEDs PCB. All you need to complete this is 2 switches, and a single pro-micro.

At this time, a case for this PCB is still pending.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 1.25 × 3.5 × .25 in

Required Parts

Switches 2: Alps or MX
Diodes None!
Microcontroller Arduino Pro Micro 5v/16hz


  1. Snap in all switches
  2. Install and solder the Pro Micro pin headers
  3. Solder all switches in to place
  4. Install and solder Pro Micro with the ‘top’ facing the PCB


  1. Building the firmware
    1. Head to Amtra5’s Builder. Select the appropriate configuration file to start.
    2. Click on the Keymap tab and then on each key to assign your preferred layout.
    3. Optionally, you may save your changes by downloading a configuration from the Settings tab.
    4. Compile your firmware as a .hex in the Compile tab.
  2. Flashing your firmware
    1. Download XLoader
    2. Add this line to xloader/devices.txt.
    3. Open XLoader and select your .hex. Select Leonardo(32U4).
    4. Plug in your Pro Micro.
    5. Short the GND and RST pins together twice in quick succession. Two red LEDs should come on. You now have 8 seconds to begin the flash.
    6. Select the new COM port that has now shown up in XLoader.
    7. Press Upload.
    8. You’re good to go! If the upload has failed, try again from step 6.


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