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Do you have a great idea for a new keycap set? A new keyboard case? A whole new keyboard layout? Do you want to run a group buy for your idea, but don’t know where to start, or are unable to manage the entire process alone? We’re happy to help!

Our combined passion and knowledge grants us the opportunity to extend a helping hand. Through partnerships or commissions, we provide a number of services drawing from our pooled knowledge and skill base.

Flat Graphics & Novelties

Often used early in an Interest Check’s timeline and integrated as backgrounds for 3D Renders and the overall style of a Group Buy. Flat graphics offer flexibility, easy adjustment, and quick turnaround that accommodate the fluidity of an early design while it’s still being finalized for and during the Interest Check. This allows for quick, low cost changes, whether it’s a color change, a keycap type change, or changing the style of the legends.

We offer this service for both keycap design and case design. As part of keycap design, we will help design and revise novelty key designs and provide the files  used by the manufacturer once your group buy is complete. Prices are based on each individual design, the number of keycap kits and novelty keys, and total revision count. Our designer can help you through the process if you are interested in taking advantage of this service.

3D Renders

Typically used later in an Interest Check’s timeline or at the beginning of the Group Buy phase, 3D Renders communicate details that Flat Graphics cannot. The shape and texture of keycaps are better brought to life, the true size of a keyboard case design is easier to relate to, and finishes like wood, anodizing metals, and powder-coating are more accurately represented, instead of being left to the imagination.

We offer this service for both keycap design and case design. As part of case design, the finalized design can include the working schematics that are used to build the case once your group buy is completed. Please contact us to learn more and to discuss directly with our designer what you would like to build. Prices are based on each individual design and its needs, and our designer can help you through the process.

Group Buys

Have a great idea? Intimidated by the group buy process? We can help you through any or all of the steps. There’s a lot to do from the start to the end of a group buy, and even beyond what often feels like the end. As passionate enthusiasts within the keyboard community, we don’t just enjoy these processes, but the challenges that often come with them.

Whatever reason you may need help, feel free to reach out to us. We hate seeing this process stop great ideas from being realized, and we hate the poor experience some buyers have had with group buys in the past. We can assist with any of the steps in the process shown below, as well as assist with post-buy customer support issues that often crop up.

  • Initial Concept

    It all starts with an idea. Through early designs with flat artwork or even 3d renders, we can help you flesh out your group buy's identity and present it to the community.

  • Interest Check

    It's time to generate hype! Before a group buy begins, interest checks are run to gauge interest and take in feedback from potential buyers about the design and price.

  • Group Buy

    The design is done, the manufacturer source, let's go! We operate a secure, fully featured site capable of handling the entire purchase process for your group buy.

  • Manufacturing

    The buy is complete, and now it's time to make it real. We can help you work with the chosen manufacturer and update all buyers with progress reports.

  • Shipping

    It's time to get the product to the customers! From the warehouse to the distribution point, and finally to the customer, we can help or manage this process for you.

Other Services

PCB Design

As part of a case design, or on its own, we can work with you to design and manufacture a PCB to meet your needs and requirements. If it’s a whole new layout, or just making a new PCB for an existing case, we can do it.

We can offer a wide range of features in our PCBs:

  • Cherry MX/ALPS Switch compatibility
  • SMD or Through-hole Switch LEDs
  • SMD one color or RGB Backlight LEDs
  • Mini-USB, Micro-USB, or TRRS Cable connection
  • Additional USB or Audio Jacks (TRRS) on the keyboard
  • And much more!

U.S. Sales & Shipping

Based primarily from Memphis, Tennessee, Cartel is located in the heart of one of the largest shipping hubs in the world. This allows us to offer fast, affordable shipping throughout the United States, and allows us to receive product from international sources quickly.

For our friends in the international community, we wish to extend that advantage, and to stock and ship your product to U.S. customers for lower costs, and to extend your reach to our customers as well. We are also willing to make this a mutual share, where we stock and ship each other’s offerings to our respective markets and customers.

Switch Lubing

With help from our friend Crono, switches that we offer in our store that benefit from lubrication will have the option to come pre-lubricated for an additional fee.

We use Krytox GPL-103 for all lubricated switches. A thin lube, it has a positive impact on a wide range of switch types, helping to reduce roughness often felt in many switches.

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