A timeless design, a new layout.

HiFi’s looks are born of iconic component audio systems from the sixties and seventies. Leaning on these designs and remaining true to both the aesthetic and materials, we have paired this classic look with modern touches and a new, functionally useful keyboard layout.

Meet 61Ultra.

A 60% layout reimagined. We love the minimalism of the 60% layout, but we missed the functionality of the arrow cluster, and the convenience of the numpad. So we looked at the 60% layout and considered how could we adjust it, while retaining the same final keycount? 61Ultra was our answer. A layout that utilizes keycap sizes available in all popular key profiles, and a pcb that offers multiple customizable layers to tune the base layer and others to grant you all the functionality you need.

Tuning in to an era.

Cool, blued grays emulate the metal faceplates, buttons and dials of sixties and seventies component stereo design. Blue and Red reflect the bright lighting used in high end receivers. Bocote, a sturdy hardwood retains the look and stiffness of Teak, while reducing the costs. Brushed stainless steel plate floats inside this wood frame, giving support for the keys.

HiFi Highlights

USB to 3.5mm TRRS data cable and 3.5mm TRRS to 3.5mm TRRS line in audio cables included to emulate the era’s heavy use of the two contact 6.35mm phone connectors. Metal housed 3.5mm jacks are gold plated and spring relaxed, the cable itself paracord wrapped to match the frequent use of fabric sleeving on audio cables during the sixties and seventies.

On the board itself, the brushed steel plate is screwed in to float inside the Bocote wood case. Bocote was chosen as an affordable emulation of the then popular Teak. On the stainless plate, power, lock indicators and volume level indicators are represented with classic colored plastic LEDs (vs clear LEDs).

Form and function.

Not just a pretty keyboard. While all planned versions of this design share many of the same features, added functionality has been planned that creates three variations of this board. The features, both universal and unique, to each version are shown in the table below.

  • Keycap Set
  • Keyboard Layout
  • Customizable Layers
  • NKRO
  • Case Material
  • Plate Material
  • Switch Top Removal
  • Data Cable
  • Audio Cable
  • Isolated Pass Through
  • Isolated DAC
  • Isolated Amplifier
  • HiFi
    • DyeSub XDA HiFi Set
    • 61Ultra
    • Five
    • Bocote Wood
    • Brushed Stainless Steel
    • 1.5m USB to TRRS Paracord Sleeved
    • 1.5m Paracord Sleeved
  • HiFi
    • DyeSub XDA HiFi Set
    • 61Ultra
    • Five
    • Bocote Wood
    • Brushed Stainless Steel
    • 1.5m USB to TRRS Paracord Sleeved
    • 1.5m Paracord Sleeved

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