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Based on iconic designs from the early days of personal computing, 74 is designed as a spirited and modernized recreation inspired by the era, but filled with the accents and needs of modern computing.

A keyboard, a computer: both.

Two kits are planned, a standard keyboard with the needed mounting plates ready to receive a Raspberry Pi 3, or a version with the Raspberry Pi 3 already installed. Simply add a MicroSD card to suite your needs, install your preferred OS, and you’re ready to go.

Tiny, but powerful, the Raspberry Pi 3 can operate as a basic computer on its own, and paired with a monitor through the available HDMI port, and a Mouse through USB or Bluetooth, simple tasks like web browsing, email and basic office work are easily managed.

Raspberry Pi 3

Era Accurate Accents

Nuance matters. We worked hard to modernize an old layout with keys and key widths common to today, while remaining faithful to the original spirit.

The rear and bottom of the case retains the same heat vents. The metal serial plate of the day remains on the bottom. The full body debossed outline from the front is echoed on the rear. And while the ports revealed are modern, the punch out plates to reveal the inset port plate remain.

Era specific legends were preserved where possible; including “CLR” in place of “Backspace”, “←” instead of “Esc”, “Shift Lock”, instead of “Caps Lock”, and Slashed Zeros.

Cartel74 Colorway

Color Matters

We looked to samples of both pristine and well aged copies of keyboards and personal computers from the early days of home computing to derive this color set. In order to ensure these colors comes through faithfully, we’ve taken advantage of Pantone Colors to ensure consistent, accurate matches.

This attention to detail was considered for both the case and keys alike. While the keys will be manufactured to the Pantone Color code spec, the case too will utilize Pantone accurate powder coating for the beige, and Pantone matched enamel fill for the stripes.

Cartel74 Colored Keys


Everyone has a favorite color. Every kit comes with colored keys in all five of the accent colors, allowing you to choose which best suites you.

Use one forever, use one for a week, or mix and match. Whatever fits you, you’ll have the the keys at hand to make it yours.

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