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GMK Slate Primary Kit

GMK Slate: Base Kit

This is GMK Slate.

The name Slate is a reference to both the color of the set, as well as the ability to mix and match this set with pre-existing ones for unique aesthetics. Slate can be as subtle or as extravagant as you want it to be, custom-tailored to the theme of your keyboard. Utilizing the shades between 9009 / Muted / OG Cherry sets and the Dolch family, this GMK keyset provides a rock solid base on which to customize upon.

Also offered alongside GMK Slate, are CMYK modifiers, PB modifiers, and a TU2 spacebar kit.

Two of the colors are featured along with the GMK Slate base kit (GMK V1 and Pantone 2726C). The third color, represented by GMK TU2, is available in a separate spacebar pack.

The CMYK modifier pack is a favorite in the community, and it’s bright colors make a statement like none other. The kit we’ve crafted together includes much better compatibility than previous CMYK kits, with a new addition of both purple (DV) and orange (V2) keys to flourish your bottom row accents.


MOQ: 250
Expected Group Buy Open: First Quarter, 2018
Planned Delivery: TBA

Addon Kits

Process CMYK

GMK Slate Addon: Process

Navigator PB

GMK Slate: Navigator Kit

TU2 Spacebars

GMK Slate: Spacebar Kit




MOQ: 100
MOQ: 100
MOQ: 100

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