G80-1800 PCB Prototype Update

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Just wanted to give a quick update on the G80-1800 prototype PCB. So far 15 people are interested in getting a PCB which is awesome, thanks a lot.

The PCB is 98% complete in KiCad, just waiting on G81-1800 and Dolch PAC keyboard cases that are being sent to me this/next week. Once I can double check the fitment for both of those I’ll be ready to order the prototypes.

I’ve added split backspace as an option, here is the full revised layout:

In-switch indicator LEDs have been added.

I updated one thing on the IC form as time went on, clarifying that all SMD components will be soldered to the board by me. The option for “components soldered” now only contains through-hole diodes ALSO soldered by me for a fee of $12. If you opt to not have them soldered, you’ll receive them with the PCB for you to solder. The PCB uses a hybrid diode footprint, allowing the use of either standard DO-35 package 1N4148 through hole diodes or MicroMELF package SMD diodes. I’m only supplying through hole diodes at this time.

Estimated price of the PCBs is still $22 plus shipping. I don’t believe shipping will be a lot, ideally less than $6-7 for CONUS. I have someone interested in being a UK proxy for these as well. Once that’s confirmed, I’ll let ya’ll know.

It has been brought to my attention that The Keyboard Company is planning to release a full G80-1800 kit with QMK-programmed PCB for something like $200. I know some people may be interested in going that route, but know that 1. it’s a lot more expensive and 2. the controller they’re using is like 2x the price of the one I’m using atm, so the PCB itself would likely be more as well. Feel free to make your own decisions though!

Last but not least, here’s a link to the second IC. I’ll be spreading this one around Discord as well to see about getting more people interested in the project. PLEASE fill this one out as well when you can.


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