Fosen Update

Boy things sure can change. After a lot of confirmations and money moving around for a sample order, things grinded to a halt with Fosen. Some interesting information appears to have come from this situation.

  • Latest communications shows that Fosen contracts to other manufacturers to produce switches, or simply to acquire switches they want. Apparently they had been shopping our request to these manufacturers, making promises before those people who would actually fulfill the promise confirmed they would meet those terms.
  • As you might guess from the above, they did not agree to the same terms that Fosen set forth. Fosen updated us with the factory requirements and, needless to say, it was an unacceptable situation for us.
  • Some of the information that came out of this may have been useful though. And not just for reviving the Aquamarine switch, but gaining access to some other switches.

While this has created the regretful situation that the Aquamarine is taking longer to make happen than we hoped, it has opened doors on other possible buys for other unusual switches. As well, we are hoping that once we do revive the Aquamarine, it will be an improvement over the old one. We wish to retain as many characteristics of the old switch as possible (A clicky with a light blue top and a teal/aqua stem) while improving some other details where it fell short (compatibility with other switch housings, smoothness, etc).

More to come…

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