Fosen Group Buy Update

Recent communication with Fosen DG has confirmed some details about the Fosen Aquamarine for us;

  • They can produce the switch using a bottom housing that has the standard plate lockers we are familiar with, instead of the top housing based plate lockers we saw on the first set of sample switches they sent us. This moves the location of the plate clips back to where they are on most switches, a location compatible with switch-top removable plates.
  • They can produce the switch using the original style top housing, which reflects the top housing clips seen on old Fosens and on Outemu and Kalih switches.
  • They have confirmed they can produce the same color scheme we’ve seen in the past – the light blue top and aquamarine stem.

This took a fair bit of back and forth on our part to communicate the need for and the exact housings we needed for this switch to remain the unique switch that has popularized it. This also required a small ‘on faith’ buy from Fosen of 1,000 sample switches.

Since this effectively is a ‘new old switch’, because the manufacturing is not precisely identical to the original manufacturing. We will run a mini-GB ahead of the full GB, allowing a small group of people to buy from the 1,000 samples. In exchange, we ask that these people evaluate the switches they receive, especially against the original fosens that are already out in the wild. We think this is an important step to help assure the community that this new version is still a switch that is worth having, for more reasons than its unusual color scheme.

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