About Cartel

Initially brought together to service and bring to life the SA Astro keycap group buy (then known as SA NASA) we found ourselves dealing with downtime as we worked things out with manufacturers. During this downtime, we began to toss other ideas around, pitching themes for keycaps and keyboards like to each other, mocking them up, and imagining greater ideas we could accomplish as a group, versus individuals. Through this the foundation of the Cartel Keyboards idea came to exist.

We consider this to be an ambitious undertaking, but with our shared interest in not just the hobby, but the community that has supported it, and the friendships that have developed through the community, we hope to bring great ideas, not just great products, to it.

Who We Are

  • Tony
    Tony Managing Director

Tony’s main responsibilities for Cartel include:

  • 2D art and graphics, including novelty design and initial mockups for new keyboards and keycap kits.
  • Providing the same skills as a service we offer to people outside of the group.
  • Our central point for shipping and receiving within the United States.
  • Much of the boring business back end administration, including things like the website and other day to day business needs.
  • Josh
    Josh Chief Engineer

Josh’s main responsibilities for Cartel include:

  • 3D design and renders for keycaps and keyboards alike.
  • Technical documentation and files for the production of PCBs and Keyboard cases.
  • Providing the same skills as a service we offer to people outside of the group.
  • Technical review of affiliate products, assistance to affiliates in developing products on the technical side.
  • Rick
    Rick Logistics Director

Rick’s main responsibilities for Cartel include:

  • Communication with outside vendors, affiliates, and manufacturers. With a special emphasis on our overseas partnerships.
  • Heading up the SwitchDex group, overseeing all aspects of this division of our business.
  • Our Human Resources department. As an aspect of his communication with outside resources, he also manages our internal resources and ensures communication remains active, fair, and professional.

As a group, we all share in some responsibilities:

  • Ideas and themes for keycaps, cases, keyboard layouts, and any other products come from all members of the group, and all members participate in their development.
  • Shipping support for vendors and affiliates, additional shipping points beyond the central location managed by Tony.
  • All members participate in SwitchDex. While Rick leads this project, all group members work to acquire the library of switches needed and any and all information, technical and informational about these switches.

What We Do

Group Buys

Our primary service and purpose, creating, and helping to create, new and interesting keycap sets and case designs. We enjoy working with the community to bring these ideas to life in the small batch style the community has become so well known for.

We offer this service to people who have ideas for group buys, but do not have the resources or time to manage the process themselves.

Contact us if you’ve got an idea for a group buy and need help making it happen!


Do you have an idea for a keycap theme, a keyboard case design, or a new layout? Do you need help bringing these ideas to life? We can help! We offer a number of services to support you:

  • 2d Mockups (Cases & Keycaps)
  • 3d Renders (Cases & Keycaps)
  • CAD Files for Cases
  • PCB Design
  • Group Buy Operations
  • Store Partnerships
  • Switch Lubrication


Do you already have a product to sell, or a store that you sell from? We welcome partnerships and the opportunity to share your products with our customers, and our products with yours. Our location in the U.S. offers a great opportunity, lowered costs and faster delivery times for retailers outside the US wishing to make their products more accessible to U.S. customers..

If you’re interested in entering in to a partnership with us, contact us to learn more.


We find the variety of mechanical switches available to the community fascinating, but the ability to find information on these switches can be frustrating. Some switches are well documented by their manufacturers, others by the community. Many more are known only through anecdotal information.

Through SwitchDex, we aim to fill in the gaps and offer research to the community. While the service has not yet been launched, work has already begun, and we intend to launch soon with information we’ve already collected!

Contact Us

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