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Fosen Update

Boy things sure can change. After a lot of confirmations and money moving around for a sample order, things grinded to a halt with Fosen. Some interesting information appears to have come from [...]


Group Buys

Not only do we run group buys for our own ideas and concepts, but we offer our services to help you with any and all stages of bringing your own ideas to life through a group buy! Whether you need help with novelty design, 3d Renders, managing the purchase process, handling shipping the final product. We’re here to help at any and every step of the process.

3D Renders

Whether it’s a keycap design or a case design, we can help with communicating your idea through 3D Renders. Able to setup complete kits, including all accessory kits in any of the popular keycap profiles, we can ensure life like lighting and color representation. For cases, we also offer the necessary files that your manufacturer will need to put your idea in to production.

Flat Art & Novelties

Many people start with flat art visualizations of their ideas. These allow for quick prototyping and adjustment of concepts in response to feedback from the community after an interest check is run. As part of this process, we offer the design of novelty keys and will provide the needed files for your keycap manufacturer to produce the novelty keys designed.

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